5 bonus inches, a free Twix and my arrival!

It’s just gone 7:45 am in Pacific Daylight Time, and before I set out for the day I figured I’d best explain what’s happened in the half a day or so I’ve been here.

After an early start on Tuesday morning, I left the country through Heathrow Airport, but not before I took somewhat of a last minute decision to upgrade my seat, giving me 5 bonus inches of legroom.  Despite the fact that this cost what I’d call a fairly eye-watering £60, given I had a ten hour flight ahead of me this seemed, and proved, fairly reasonable.

The actual flight was fairly uneventful.  The passenger next to me was awfully friendly, having just been in London on business (she works for that Miniclip website!  If you don’t know it, clearly you actually spent your Year 8 IT lessons working…) and even giving me a Twix she didn’t want from her in-flight meal.

Other than that, the journey over was approximately 2 hours sleep, two and a bit in-flight movies (The Fighter, RED and a chunk of Wall-E for good measure, clearly), half an hour filling in forms to appease US Customs, and a bit of reading/gazing out of the window.

After touching down in San Francisco, I was able to get an odd taxi/bus hybrid driven by an extremely quiet but sufficiently friendly guy.  After a good two hours (it took one hour just to leave the airport!) I was at my hotel – having been ‘upgraded’ from the hostel, as I was staying in a single room – and a bit knackered.  Nonetheless, I was determined to see something of San Francisco on my first day, and so I set out with no particular aims…

More on that a bit later.


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