Go West!

Welcome, hello, and many other suitably friendly greetings.

First of all let me thank you for visiting this blog – unless you’ve somehow stumbled across this by accident (in which case you’re clearly an exceptionally lucky person), you’ve shown an interest in my travels and want to see how I’m getting on.  So… thanks!  I appreciate the sentiment.

Secondly, I apologise for any rambling, any painfully amateur photography and for what I imagine will be a fairly irregular update schedule.

Pleasantries being out of the way, here is a brief summary of  the next three weeks for me:  Starting May 10th I’m flying out to California for 21 days of adventure/intrigue/voyages of discovery (disclaimer: none of the above may actually occur).  Starting off in San Francisco, I hope to work my way south through the Central Coast region, eventually reaching San Diego, after which – if I have the time left – I’ll gad about Yosemite National Park for a while.  Good times will be had by all; for me because I’ll be doing it, and for you because you’ll be reading it.  Everyone wins!

The name of this blog may raise a few eyebrows, but I shall explain it as best I can; I’ve always associated Spring/early Summer in the UK with bluebells – the area I live in is full of them, and they’re probably my favourite part of the season (aside from chocolate eggs, natch).  This year, however, I’ll be making somewhat of a shift…


From bluebells...

...and away

...to poppies!

See what I did there?  Very clever, I’m sure you’ll agree.

I’m hoping to update this blog at least once every two days.  Whenever I take up residence at a new hostel etc. I’ll make sure to post its contact details so that I can be reached if necessary (I know how the urge to express your undying love for me can be simply too much to bear at times, and I’ve accounted for this), but other than that it will mostly be just what’s up/on my mind/got my attention at that given point.

I’m just finishing up all my packing now – I’m terribly excited, but also nervous like an arachnophobic in a dark basement!  Thanks again for visiting my blog, and watch this space.


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